Friday, May 31, 2013

JIWA by Daud Rahim


A solo exhibition by Daud Rahim 

Segaris Art Center, Publika Solaris, opening reception, 3rd June 2013.

" There is a case to be made that much of his earliest works are fine and drawing oriented before they gradually turned to a fascination of metal twisted sculptures. 

An artist who is formally trained as sculptor, Daud’s sense of material evolved quickly as his drawing skills. His delicate drawings of human and mechanical animal seem effortless, produced directly on large-scale canvases. 

The works are allusive, enigmatic and multi-layered without compromising his material exploration skills.

This exhibition sees Daud not only as a master draftsman but a thinker of deep thoughts. A devoted family man who narrates the story of human struggles and achievements in simple words, Daud possesses a tremendous sense of humility. 
Both of his painting and sculpture are of virtuoso quality, which is rarely captured by a single artist," - Segaris Art Center.

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